Overflowing with Creativity? Suggestions for Marketing Your Merchandise


You know those people who are overflowing with creativity to the extent that they have to be expressing it in some way? If you’re one of them, you know what I’m talking about. For dancers, artists, photographers and other types of artistes, art is not a hobby; it’s a way of life. Unfortunately, art doesn’t hold much commercial value until the creator is obscenely famous. If you’re still trying to make your way into the big leagues and need to market some of your work, here are some cool ways to it (hint: it all involves the internet).

For the Dancers

Remember the ending of Step Up 4 Revolution where the street dancers get hired by Nike for a new ad campaign? That is something that legitimately happens, though not in such a cool or high-profile way. If you are truly good at choreography, shoot videos of your moves and post them consistently on YouTube. Use other social media to build traffic to your page. Maybe approach some heavy hitting YouTubers to view and react to your videos. If your videos get the views, you can soon start making money from the advertising. Record labels, production companies and other corporate entities have groups dedicated to combing the internet looking for new talent and inspiration. Get high enough on the rankings and get discovered!

For the Artists

Think about marketable products you can make: actual paintings and sketches, stationary, mugs, greeting cards etc. You can see these things to a local store or open your own online gift shop in NZ.

There are plenty of website templates to build your own, or you can go on pre-existing sites that cater to artist productions and join that. If you open an online gift shop, you will need to enable some sort of online payment gateway as well, and that may take a while, but if your business is strictly local then a social media site is all you need to conduct business. Simply have the customer deposit the amount into your bank account and send you a picture of the deposit slip, and you can deliver it to them as soon as you receive confirmation of the transaction.

Feel free to go over at this site https://www.world2nzgifts.com/collections/wedding-gifts-and-homeware-gifts for the most in demand wedding and anniversary gifts. 

For the Photographers

Getting discovered as a photographer is getting more and more difficult in this day and age thanks to the availability of high-end cameras and numerous photo apps with filters. It’s frustrating to take stunning pictures and then see them replicated by someone with a smart phone and a filter. The best way to become a working photographer is either join a studio and do bridals, or start building a portfolio by going online to source models and lighting assistants and putting together small shoots. As your portfolio grows, market yourself aggressively on social media. Offer discounts where appropriate. Shoot high-profile personalities for free or for endorsements. Eventually, you will make a name for yourself.