Inspiring Children With Art

When children are very small, they are usually given toys to play with. From the time hand and eye coordination develops, children are given pencils or crayons to doodle with. This is a basic movement of the hands that the brain learns to coordinate through eyesight as well as motion. The basic motor skills are developed as well as cognition abilities. Children learn to draw later, beginning first with doodles which lead to careless marks and lines, curves and other markings that lead to self expression gradually. 

Self expressions

When you want your children to start off with self expressions on paper, you need to give them the right accessories. When children are small, their hand grip develops slowly. As a result, you need to invest in the right kind of color pencils like derwent watercolour pencils which will provide the right grip and work easily in little hands. There are subtle differences in colors and pencils that can be used by toddlers compared to those that can be used by elder children. If you are a new parent, you need to look into these differences and shop for the right items.

Shapes and more

Art or drawing at a preliminary stage introduces children to shapes. They learn to draw straight lines or curved ones, haphazard lines or markings. You can gently guide them to draw other shapes like circles, triangles and others. What’s more, shapes become more meaningful when you associate them with different objects. For that reason, a circle becomes a ball or the face of a joker. In such ways you can introduce different concepts to small children gradually at the toddler stage. When they are older you can introduce them to more difficult play things like ravensburger puzzles.

Other art forms

Art can be a great way to learn when it comes to children who are learning through play. Art introduces children to color. They learn the basic shades as well as learn to mix and match and find the colors that interest them, what they find too stark or sweet and so forth. Introduction to colors and associating emotions and different objects to colors is a great learning for children. Abstract art is what inspires children as it opens up their imagination at an early age.

Most playschools and parents at home need to encourage children with the right art kits to explore different art forms, play around with colors and so forth. For that reason, sourcing the right kind of art supplies is important. You will find ease of choices in several stationery stores online.