Getting Ready For Your First Day In The Rat Race


Starting work for the first time means that many things in your life are about to change for good. On the one hand. you will get money at the end of each month which is a great thing but on the other hand, you will have to say goodbye to your freedom and your free time as you will now have to spend most of your time at the office and another large percentage of your time travelling to the office and back again. You will need to ask for permission before you can take a day or a few hours off to do something personal like visit the doctor and then you will need to prove that you truly did go to the doctor with a medical slip. It can be rather difficult to get used to this new life.

For some people, they settle in quite well and for others, they spend most of their free time at home trying to leave the rat race. The rat race is defined as a race that a rat runs on a wheel. He runs for hours on end with the thought that he is running miles and yet, after all that work, he is still stuck in the same place. Full time work can often be like this, where you are left with little to no savings after working forty years on a pay check to pay check basis.

Buy your essentials

While it is important for you to try to move out on your own eventually where you will be your own boss and you will have the freedom of choice, at this point of time, you will need to get ready for this new job. You will need to buy your work clothes, your work shoes and your reliable high socks that you will wear every day while you collect money to move out on your own one day.

It is important that you buy as little as possible in those years that you are working. Make an effort to make those work shoes and those work socks in NZ last you for as long as possible so that you will be able to save enough of money.

Set an end goal

It is important that you set an end goal the moment you start working. Make sure that you set a date on which you plan to retire from full time work with a target on how much money you would like to have when you do retire. Always work towards that goal from the day you start working and you will one day achieve it and become your own boss.