First Date Outfit And Presentation Ideas

If you haven’t been on a date in a while and are out of the game, fear not! We all go in and out of these once in a while, either when work comes in the way or you just feel like you don’t have the time. A first date is an exciting time. This is the deciding factor almost all the time, so making sure you’re presentable is highly essential. Whether you’ve got no new clothes or cannot decide, listed below are a few ideas to help you look fabulous and kick start your first date!


Clothing differs vastly from a female and when it comes to a male. If you’re a woman on the way to her first date, your options are quite endless. You can opt to go all out and wear your best evening dress or go casual. Make sure the way you dress reflects who you are as a person, and don’t every try too hard. Once you know where the date if going to be or what the date is going to go like, you should dress accordingly. If it’s a movie then your best blouse and jeans with cute shoes, and for a guy maybe skinny chinos and your favourite shirt! Remember your clothing reflects your personality.


Accessorizing is the other best part, and has to be done with extra care. Earrings that are too huge can get in the way and cufflinks might seem too formal if you’re a boy. Once again, accessorizing depends entirely on the type of date and where it’s going to be. If it’s a fancy restaurant, don’t forget your beautiful clutch and for the men, your best formal shoe.


Don’t forget to smell good! When sparing your best perfume, make sure you don’t spray directly onto your dress or black suits, as this could and might leave a stain. Spray onto the air and walk into the perfume that’s been sprayed. Smelling nice is essential, no one likes to hang around with someone that smells bad!


Make-up, for the girls, is the other important deciding factor. When applying makeup, take extra care and avoid caking on too much of it. In different lighting, the level of makeup you’ve applied tends to show. Once again, the amount of makeup depends on the venue so apply accordingly. A little lipstick and blush is essential.

Along with these, the next best thing to wear is your best smile! This will surely catch the attention of your date, good luck!